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To celebrate the launch of Game of Thrones: Season 3 on DVD, Blinkbox constructed a 12m model on Charmouth beach as part of a clever marketing stunt. This particular beach was chosen because of the many dinosaur fossils that have washed up on its shore. The scene replicated a dragon head that was found in the show. Coverage of the stunt extended across the globe.

blinkbox Reveal Giant Dragon’s Skull To Launch Game Of Thrones

It's so hot, this feels like it could happen. In Las Vegas, NV.

Melting Ice Cream Truck by the Glue Society. The melting ice cream truck is a sculpture titled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm that was unveiled at the 2006 Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney.


I started this out of pure boredom, but put it on the shelf when my schoolwork got too intense. Now I finally had time to add the finishing bits to it. The Kirin's Dance

Please don't let GRRM kill another Stark. Truly, I agree. Game of Thrones needs all the Starks that it can get.

And let Danerys reunite the remaining Starks, restore Winterfell, and give them their rightful rule of the North again under her reign on the Iron Throne.

Emilia Clarke Fashion Shoot Wallpapers in jpg format for free download

Emilia Clarke Fashion Shoot Wallpapers in jpg format for free download


My annual birthday trip to Anza Borrengo! I love the Photo opporortunities - art & desert wildflowers!

Coolest White Owl Ever!    www.whiteninglightning.com

One day, an owl landed on a skateboard that was left outside, and the owl stayed on as the board moved. Brian saw that the owl was enjoying the skateboard experience and so he bought the owl his own miniature board.

Crise de l'essence... mais pas pour tout !

There's nothing inherently funny about Amish folk, but these 25 funny Amish pictures will definitely make you laugh. From buggies towing jet skis to redneck Amish, .

Want to keep your house smelling fresh but keep your grizzled reputation intact? Well then the Dragon Skull Incense Burner is here to help you - the incense smoke releases from this epic looking Dragon's nostrils allowing your house to smell and look great.

Dragon Skull Incense Burner

Design Toscano Stryker the Smoking Dragon Sculptural Incense Box in Dark Grey Stone