Halloween bento box (Jack Skellington)

nightmare Halloween #bento


Awesome Totoro character bento

Pikachu bento #Japanese Bento Lunch

Jack and Sally inspired plate $40

Japanese Fried Chicken Bento with steamed rice and sesame seeds, pickled cucumbers, salad and Gyoza.

cute bento


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This is really cool...almost too cool to et....but I will eat any and all rice! Kimono Girl Koume-chan Character Bento Box (Kyaraben in Japanese)|小梅ちゃんキャラ弁

Jack Skellington cake

How to make a Jack Skellington Cookie – How to make a Nightmare before Christmas Cookie |

Halloween bento

Tomato Goldfish... eyes are made from cheese and nori. Cherry tomato cut in half - one half is the body the other is sliced to make the tail.

Halloween bento box

Mini jack-o-lantern pumpkin pies

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