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Ha! Never thought of that.

Funny pictures about Good Guys Fred and George. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guys Fred and George. Also, Good Guys Fred and George photos.

Looked it up, it's true! How crazy! I went 8 months without ever hearing of this.

Jk Rowling is an amazing woman omg I love her she's like my hero and I look up to her

I want this in my house!// I wouldn't label the door. I would put blankets in the front to hide it, yea know, so I can hide from the muggle world.

This guy's Aunt’s House Has A Harry Potter-Themed Reading Nook Under The Stairs… I'm doing this to my future house even if i have to build the stairs.

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Actually Love this movie Harry Potter meets Bridesmaids This made me laugh too much! these were fantastic movies

Funny Pictures

Funny pictures about Harry Potter And The Desert Island. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter And The Desert Island. Also, Harry Potter And The Desert Island photos.

Harry Potter - Through the Pensieve (I may have pinned this before, but it is great and needed to be pinned again!)

If you consider yourself a HP fan at all, this video is beyond words. This gave me chills. Every good thing about HP wrapped up on one exquisite vid! I am in love with this video

Harry Potter<=== In the Future, when this comes out, Ill be with my kids and all im going to do is laugh and cry during this...

"This would make my middle aged life" exactly. bring back ALL of the remaining original cast. i think Tom Felton should be Remus, or something. Gary Oldman would make a good Dumbledore. or Jason Isaacs. or Ralph Fiennes.

This makes me laugh every time!!!!

Horny Harry: Hilarious Harry Potter Memes that make Hermoine Cringe Pics)