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matchstick shaped cookies

DIY cookie crayons

Matchstick Cookie

DIY Doily Cookies--interesting idea. Looks like maybe she used gingerbread cookie dough? The link is just to the website in general.

shortbread teabag cookies

Palette Cookies

fun! Squeeze Bottle Pancake Art

matchstick cookies

Apparently, the best icing for sugar cookies. It hardens nicely so you can stack cookies but doesnt get hard like a rock, so you wont hurt your teeth. Its very tasty too and you can add different extracts to change the flavors. ***1 cup powder sugar (confectioners sugar) **1 tablespoon milk ** 1 tablespoon light corn syrup ** 1 drop lemon juice (can be fresh) This will outline and fill approximately one dozen cookies in one color.



Royal Icing Cloud Cookie Tutorial | Sweetopia

Super cute easy flower cookie. Roll sugar cookie balls in sprinkles, snip in half then cut each side in three, gently spread petals and bake, ta-da... cookie flower.

heart of eggs

Galletas primera comunion


Bear Hug Biscuits!


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Clean stamps to press cookies

vegan, no grain (aka gluten free) almond coconut lemon cookies of love