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Parts of Plant Great video clip on plants. Good visual animations for parts of a plant and their functions. Recommended for young children by Charlotte's Clips

I think this is a great Ideas especially because we were just learning about plants and gardens in my practicum classroom!

Photosynthesis free printable - great with the Gardens Unit Study! Helps visually explain this vital process to kids of all ages!

Science - Plant parts and job foldable a must do after the lesson to check for student comprehension. better than a worksheet.

Farming Friends » Photosynthesis Colouring Sheet

foldable what do plants need? English-Spanish - you can buy a downloadable pdf for $1 to use at your market's kid area

Wow; you really can find ANYTHING on this site! Using this for my science classes this week! photosynthesis by They Might Be Giants

This site brings you to a great print out of photosynthesis in leaves and also has many photosynthesis activities for students to play online! Florida Standard: SC.3.L.14.1 Describe structures in plants and their roles in food production, support, water and nutrient transport, and reproduction.