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Natürlich sind wir immer wieder Problemen und Widrigkeiten ausgesetzt, aber je näher wir bei Gott und Jesus sind, will sagen, je mehr wir uns auf Gott und Jesus konzentrieren (sie also zum Mittelpunkt unseres Denkens machen), desto mehr Kraft erhalten wir. Und Probleme und Widrigkeiten können uns nicht mehr wirklich etwas anhaben.

One fault: Gardevoir doesn't change from non shiny into shiny upon megaevolution. Otherwise AWESOME!

We are called to be alert to the devil's schemes and this short devotion and Bible study equip us to recognize 5 ways that Satan seeks to mislead us.

Or like that fire...from hell and the trick of it is there is no shadow but it still burns you muahahaha #satan

A little bit of Korean Bliss…

I personally use the 12 step Korean skin care routine as it treats the variety…

Jesus Healed a Blind Man ~ John 9 Object Lesson

Objectives: To tell events of Jesus healing the blind man {John To recognize that the Jewish Leaders were plotting against Jesus To consider what is meant by “Putting God in a box.” Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; play dough; … Continue reading →