L'occitane sweet almond soap. If only it didn't cost $24...

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (#Nordstrom #Beauty Awards Winner) So far the best handcream i hve ever used

English Tea Rose Shea Butter Soap

L'occitane // blue tube packaging

wild flowers and honey shea butter soap

Smells wonderful & great for dry skin.

Hotel Costes Liquid Soap, 300ml – Flüssigseife | NET-A-PORTER

THE best hand creme on the market. For men and women alike. Non-greasy - non stinky. Healing!

styrax [liquidambar styraciflua]. the name comes from the latin liquidus, or liquid, and the arabic ambar or amber, while styraciflua means flowing with storax or aromatic resin. this name originates from the fact that the sweet gum secretes an aromatic fluid. when the bark is stripped, boiled, and pressed, it creates resinous oil called styrax, which can be used as a fixative in perfumes.

Almond Milk Concentrate Love this stuff, amazing

Nostalgia Holiday Soap Bundle

Amber Vanilla Shea Butter Soap by Lemon Citrus

soaps via asunto e

Palmarosa Wild Mint Glass Hand Soap | Caldrea

White Tea and Ginger Shea Butter Soap $6

All Things Stylish bathroom savon de marseille

Schoon Soap

#TOKYOMILK #ButterHandcreme #Styling #TheStyleMansion

baileys olive soap and brushes

Olive Oil Hand Soap  Liquid Soap by Compagnie de Provence - bottled in eco-friendly glass. on our wish list @ #rock candy life

body milk | Au Lait