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Adequate water intake with the necessary supplements of sodium etc. are important to the proper functions of the human body. This is something we often take for granted.

Hydrating is a huge factor in sports. While playing sports you loose a lot of fluid from sweating, and drinking water will help replenish the girls. Drinking a lot will also prevent them from dehydration. I will be sure to include multiple water breaks in my practice plan to ensure hydration.

info about sports drinks, fitness waters, vitamin waters, and flavored waters.

tumblrgym: “ A helpful guide for what to eat and what not to eat. ”

REFLEXOLOGY HAND CHART - Tips & guidelines for hand reflexology charts!

What color is your urine? In a survival situation, it is good to know! AND so you won't freak out if it is a strange color... #camping #hiking #outdoors #survival

Good to remember. Lbs and Calories. Great way to determine how much you should burn each week.

Source: Alkaline Sisters   Love Gretta Founder // Director SkinnyMe tea

Back Workout Fitness Chart designed specifically for women. #health #exercise #workout

Also, eat off of a salad plate, because your serving only needs to be as big as your fist. Eat small portions every 2 hours to keep your blood sugar stable.You need to work out for 40 mins. at least to lose weight (sweat). If you have a craving for something, only eat as much as you need to kill that craving. Plus don't consume sugar drinks.