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Sooo wouldnt mind a pic like this on my nightstand.

too cute

Epic kiss






Amazing Yoga

that's love

Couples who take adorable engagement photos. #idea

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What? I would SO not hide my face!!

i dont even know lol CRAZY

Jake and I were walking back to my mom's beach house. He lived next door and we hung out every summer when i came back to the beach house. It was like this since we were 12 i new this summer was different i just turned 16 and i started to like him. When we get to the side of the house he pins me and says " I liked you since we were 13" then he suddenly kisses me. ((be him? im Amber. Credit to @jessiem31 ))

antigravity yoga want to give it a try

The Best Buzz I'm Ever Gonna Find... Lyrics

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