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Nazi treasure, giant scorpions... and a crystal skull: The adventures of the…

A handsome, weather-beaten man wipes the blood of a giant scorpion from his hands as he comes closer to finding another sacred artefact. He uncovers lost civilisations, is hailed as a god by grateful villagers, and is linked to a crystal skull.... But this man is not Indiana Jones, but a British adv...
  • Albert Villaplana

    Indiana Jones #indianajones #films #90s #harrisonford

  • Meri Laws

    Harrison Ford- he first caught my eye and my heart as Han Solo... But Henry "Indiana" Jones jr. cemented Harrison as my first movie star heartthrob

  • Mina Coleman

    Indiana Jones---One of the sexiest film images of Harrison Ford EVER (from Temple of Doom)

  • Rena Lewis

    Did you know the title for this movie was originally "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Be Still My Beating Heart"? | An Ode To Hot Young Harrison Ford

  • Jessica Mignot

    Indiana Jones. these movies made me fall in love with harrison ford as well as stars wars

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Indiana Jones- Could anyone but Harrison Ford have played this role?

“Right, then, go!” “Go where?!!” Amanda yelped as they neared the icy tunnel. “Outside.” “You’re insane!” she shrieked as he tugged her along and jumped sideways, bringing them down on their hips. They sailed down the wide slope, their skin stinging with its cold. “This is a bad idea!” They shot out of the mountain into open sky. The next instant, they were plummeting into the rocky mountain slopes hundreds of feet below. #HighAdventure

A whip-wielding, fedora-wearing, not an accurate representation of an archaeologist, treasure hunter.

Quote Movie Poster Print Typography Art in Camel and Red - X Never, Ever marks the SPOT - from Indiana Jones movie - A3 poster art print. $19.00, via Etsy.

I don't believe that I have ever seen Harrison Ford laugh before

Indiana Jones i.e. Harrison Ford is HOT! :) I love him no matter how big the difference in our ages!

My dad loved Indiana Jones. I like to think this is a fantasy portrait of the two of us.