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Which "Buffy" Character Should You Hook Up With? I got: Spike Spike is the ultimate bad boy – morally dubious and snarky, but so fun and interesting! He’s very seductive, but even if he comes off like a heartless lothario, he’s actually a true romantic.

Good scene with spike and willow

Spike and Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These two have some funny moments.

buffy a caça vampiros angel - Pesquisa Google

BUFFY the vampire slayer! My favourite tv program, buffy and the rest are bloody awesome!

James Marsters in concert with Ghost of the Robot.

James Marsters in concert with Ghost of the Robot.

It says Angel on the bottom but I'm pretty sure this is from Season 6 of Buffy.

Spike with a soul. Angel Promo Picture taken from a Buffy Scene Season lol.

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I don't know to whom to give credit for this picture, but James Marsters makes an EXCELLENT Harry Dresden. He is also the read for several Dresden Files Audiobooks.

James Marsters..... Just.... Yummy!!

Interview: 'Buffy' Actor And Musician James Marsters Discusses Chasing The Ghost Of A Song and His Band’s New Album

yummy spike!!!! love him!!!!

James Marsters as Spike (Btvs and Angel)-Recent crush, don't know why I didn't discover him sooner, this is how to do hot vampire ;

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