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    Only southerners understand this. I realize it's not a qoute per se, but it is hilarious all the same.

    • Bonnie Richard Franklin

      Only southerners understand this. So true, go up north or anywhere but the south, I'll say "do ya'll have coke?" They say "yes" I say, "I'll have a sprite please" They say "no coke?" I say "Yes please, I'll take a sprite." They say, "whatever".

    • Taylor Jackson

      Only southerners understand this. LOL! So true. --- NO only northerners who visit the south understand this, call em out on it and they act baffled, lol !

    • Davina Lacrosse

      It is a southern thing!! That just makes me laugh because it is so true. But when I say I want a coke.... I truly mean a coke. I don't like Dr. Pepper... Don't hate me Texas!

    • Jessalyn Matthews Frank

      Only southerners understand this. All soda is Co-Cola or Coke (depending on the area of the south where you grew up)

    • C.

      Only southerners understand this.- we drink "pop" up where we live. A "soda" has ice cream in it. If the only soft drink on hand to drink is Dr. Pepper, there is nothing to drink.

    • MRS TJS

      It's a Southern thing. Coke in the South =Soda in the East=Pop in the Midwest

    • Vanna Nori

      Only southerners understand this. SO TRUE!!! Minus dr. Pepper gross

    • Debi Larsen

      Only southerners understand true! Southern Girls K-N-O-W!

    • Nikelle Iacono

      It's a Southern thang! ;) So true!

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