I wish I thought this was lame, but I'm so cracking up at these.

I would say this is a parenting win, but the fact that the kid texts like this in the first place is kind of a fail so.....conundrum

so funny

text from dog


Texts from dog.

So, texts from the dog are probably the funniest thing I've seen recently. Keep it up people.

Text from dog.

Texts from dog

Texts from dog

Texts from a dog

well said mate!! ... When someone dies. | 21 Times Text Messages Are The Only Way To Say It - more funny stuff: http://hotfunnystuff.com

Hi @Amy Mazur -- @Eileen Asmussen found this but since we watched the Fresh Prince every week together, I had to show you. So so so funny.


Funny texts messed up the person who said dear god I'm addicted to Pinterest name in contacts is God so yeah

texts from dog :)

police dog


Texts from Dog

text from dog