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No it doesn't ! As much as I enjoy Pinterest a major fault is the continual use of quote Pins which contain 'Absolutes' e.g._ everything, everyone, every time, always e.t.c. Life just doesn't work that way. There are very few 'Absolutes' but an overwhelming amount of degrees & percentages , sometimes, rarely , occasionally etc

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Embrace Messy Hair - Lino Print


That smile on my face when you walk by, that red I turn when I think you might have texted me. It'll happen again, but with someone new, some one better, some one like you.

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I. The other side of fear. Art Print by Zyanya Lorenzo

"Tout ce que vous souhaitez se trouve de l'autre côté de la peur "

from Society6

I just want to drink coffee create stuff and sleep Canvas Print by WORDS BRAND™

I just want to drink coffee create stuff and sleep Stretched Canvas

if ignoring things is a way to peace then I must be related to I tune things out amazingly

It's hard for me to focus on myself because it's in my nature to take care of others. I keep reminding myself that I have to get ME better so I can do good for everyone else for many years to come.