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Rest in peace to one of America's greatest warriors, Chris Kyle. God bless you and your family. And we are forever thankful for your service.

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Nice Try Obama! We use the RIGHT HAND here in the USA!!!!

Soldiers, Seals, Marines, Rangers, Spec Ops, ETC....all our Men/Women in Uniform!! God bless you all!!

Michelle Obama's law license was put into a 'court-ordered voluntary inactive status'. Which is not good and it means that she was either involved in fraud, manipulation of evidence, lying, contempt of court, unethical activity or illegal activity.

The President of the United States spent more time following the trial of George Zimmerman than he did as Commander in Chief following the death of two SEALS and two State Dept employees in Benghazi. The President has spoken often about what a sweet child Trayvon was. The four deaths in Benghazi were just "bumps in the road." But really, "what difference, at this point, does it matter?"

ANYBODY REMEMBER THIS DOCTOR? In case you forgot...he is the HERO informant that was left hanging by Obama & his highly touted Osama Bin Laden kill. The person who led our troops to Osama is probably enduring his 3rd round of daily torture as we speak. Will there be any mention of this doctor or his family when the much over-hyped movie about Osama Bin Ladens kill? Will the movie even show the Navy Seals or will it portray the brilliance of Obama and how he single-handedly took him down?

Auburn graduate, Richard Marcinko, is the founder of the elite special forces unit 'SEAL Team 6' which is today widely credited with engaging and killing the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. Heck yeah! ALL IN!