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Amazing Luna Moth Photograph 11X14 Giclee Print by 216Stitches, $50.00

Chinese Moon Moth (Actias luna) Luna Moths are members of the Saturniidae family, also known as the "Giant Silkworm Moths." Luna Moths are huge moths, with a wingspan of four and a half inches. They have a white body, pinkish legs, and huge pale green wings. The hindwings have eyespots and long tails. They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer. Luna Moths were once very common, but are now considered an endangered species in some areas.

I'm leaving this on my HOAXES board until I find some positive ID. There is tell-tale loss of detail that points to the pink color having been applied in Photoshop.

Luna Moth -- by ashockenberry.. Used to see these growing up all my life in Coker, Alabama.... It's been years tho....

"I want to love this world like it's the last chance I'm ever going to get to be alive and know it." ~ Mary Oliver Avon has awesome color to match those of mother nature

One of the most beautiful moths in the world, the Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth, is named after its long red 'tails'. There are a number of moon moths with tails varying in length from mere stubs to long streamers. Biologists now think that those with the longest tails such as this species have evolved more recently than those with shorter tails. The Comet Moth is still fairly common in its native Madagascar.

Luna Moth - North America <3 HOLY FUCKING BALLSACK! This thing looks like an amazing technicolor rave plane. <3

How light & soft she dresses for spring, such gauzy raiment softly folded over her lovely shape. Luna. Moth.

Comet moth or Madgascar Moon moth (Argema mittrei), an African moth, native to the rain forests of Madagascar. The male has a wingspan of twenty centimeters and a tail span of fifteen centimeters, making it one of the world’s largest silk moths.

Fine Art Americafrom Fine Art America

Luna Moth Spreading Its Wings. Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Daniel Cadieux

Magnificent Luna Moth - I have yet to see one of these guys in person... still looking. 7.4.14 - I finally encountered a Luna moth Camden, Maine whike camping !!! Yay!