Drawer stairs

Utilizing space under stairs

Now this is SMART storage !

12 Creative and Useful Ideas For Sneaky Storage. This bath tub idea is genius!

Reading nook under the stairs!

Brilliant corner cabinets.


under stair storage

Kitchen with spice rack drawer below gas cooktop. Well organized pull-out spice drawer

office under basement stairs...love this idea


Awesome under the stairs ideas! Now I just need a home with stairs. :)

Note to self, when building my "dream house"...get stairs that are also shoe drawers! Love it! This is really cool, all the steps pull out into drawers.

DIY Staircase Drawers

under stairs storage

Great idea!

Don’t ever buy a box spring again, and never waste the space under your bed.

This would be awesome ~master closet. shelves above, drawers below, hanging racks in middle.

Drawer pulls as picture hangers.

Perfect for a basement and all those sleep overs and house guests during holidays... by far the coolest basement idea ive ever seen!