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Women in the civil war were not allowed unless they were nurses. Four hundred women served in the war. Some historical records show that over sixty women were wounded or killed in the war.

Rare Civil War Photos Wives and children sometimes followed their husbands to war, particularly in the early period of the conflict. “(The soldiers) were in the camp, and the women and the kids were right there.

Julia Ward Howe -wrote the words to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" .She was inspired by her abolitionist work . The song was popular in the union during the civil war. After being widowed she worked tirelessly for womens sufferage . She became a pacifist because of her horror at the Civil War carnage.

THE OLD SLAVE MARKET. Here we are in Florida. This open-sided auction house is were men, women, families and children were ripped from each others arms, and sold like animals for to the highest bidder.


I Can't Believe I Didn't Learn This In School. Especially The One About Abe Lincoln.

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker was the first woman surgeon in US Military history and is the only woman to with the Medal of Honor.

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The women who fought as men: Rare Civil War pictures of female soldiers who dressed up as males to fight

The women who fought as men: Rare American Civil War pictures show how females disguised themselves so they could go into battle

Mary and Molly (or "Mollie") Bell were two young women from Pulaski County, Virginia[ who disguised themselves as men and fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy for two years.

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World War II: Women at War

WWII HEROES...A SALUTE TO OUR U.S. WAC'S . . . Members of the Women's Army Corps (WAC) pose at Camp Shanks, New York, before leaving from New York Port of Embarkation on Feb. 2, 1945. The women are with the first contingent of Black American WACs to go overseas for the war effort (AP Photo) In Focus - World War II: Women at War - The Atlantic

Mary Edwards Walker 1832-1919 Congressional Medal of Honor, Civil War Combat -Women in Military Service -the first female surgeon in the US Army.

Élise Rivet was the Mother Superior at the convent of “Notre Dame de Compassion”, where she not only hid refugees from the gestapo, but also used the convent to stash some weapons & ammunition for the resistance. She was eventually caught in March of 1944 & sentenced to hard labor at Ravensbrück concentration camp. About a year later, Élise was murdered along with thousands of others just weeks before the war ended. She volunteered to go into the gas chamber in the place of a mother.

British women employed as porters due to the shortage of men during World War I, London, UK, 1915.

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Washington, Cordoba

US Capitol, Washington, DC 1861