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1950s newspaper article: Should A Woman Be Spanked?


Beautiful phrasing. Victoria Erickson

How to revise your novel.

"For girls too chubby to fit into regular clothes"

Sexist Vintage Ads: Outdated Advertisements Directed At Husbands And Wives

Dropping some heavy negs.

Vintage Ads that you wont be able to find on a magazine

... !

Bandit's Roost, 1888, considered the most crime-ridden, dangerous part of New York City.


~ Modern Woman and How to Manage Her, by Walter M. Gallichan, 1910via Internet Archive

~ The Psychology of Mental Disorders, by Abraham Myerson, M.D., 1928

Princess Alice's letters: I longed for real companionship, for apart from that life had nothing to offer me in Darmstadt. So naturally I am bitterly disappointed with myself when I look back, and see that in spite of great ambitions, good intentions, and real effort, my hopes have nevertheless been completely ship-wrecked. You say, darling, that you would never have caused me hardship intentionally. I only regret the lack of any intention or desire – or rather insight – to be more to me...

The Monster- He was charged with defacing clothing - a crime which, at the time, carried a harsher punishment than assault and attempted murder.

Queen Elizabeth - the Elizabethan Era - Superstitions

The sad effects of climbing trees.

Queen Victorian insists on staring at a bust of her dead husband during her eldest son and heir's wedding photographs. 1863.

Lord Byron's Fad Diets

Australia's shadiest sheilas!  Mugshots of female criminals in Australia c.1910-1930s.

Women can propose to men on leap years. Edwardian.

c.1912. As a result of their activism, suffragettes were often imprisoned. Suffragettes went on hunger strike because they were not given the status of political prisoners when imprisoned.  The authorities responded to hunger striking suffragettes with force feeding, a dangerous and humiliating ordeal, which provided the suffragettes with powerful propaganda.

Gas mask, with baby.

Hands only

The Oddment Emporium