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    • Maria Pousá

      us map by stream

    • Devin Wisman

      Mapping Generic Terms for Streams in the Contiguous United States

    • AML

      Who calls what where. US names for little rivers....wish it wasn't on a black background (and now I know Schuylkill River is redudant)

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    Today I wanted to share with you a little project of mine from a few months ago, which may best be described by the question: What happens if you take the shoreline of a lake, cut it, and unfurl it...

    Gravitation converts a global metric of space, light & absolute motion to a local metric of relative intrinsic motion within time's primordial entropy drive of matter's historical information domain; which can be thus be conserved or transformed from the intrinsic motion of light's "global" spatial energy conservation domain, by the gravitational annihilation of space and the extraction of a metrically equivalent temporal residue as a local compensating component. Say it again, cuz I didn't get.

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