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Carry A. Nation. Moved to Medicine Lodge, KS in 1870. Led her "Home Defenders" to smash bars & saloons.

An informal portrait of temperance leader Carry Amelia Nation, wearing a bonnet and coat. 1908--had a home in Medicine Lodge.

A portrait of Carrie Nation, notorious Temperance advocate, holding her bible and her hatchet. Ms. Nation was known in the years prior to Prohibition for her outspoken criticism of alcohol and a propensity for vandalism towards establishments that served spirits.

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The Perfect New Year’s Eve Date and the Perfect Lie from the Media

Carry Nation was convinced that alcohol was the root of all social evil so she took to the streets preaching a temperance message designed to close all of the saloons; first in Medicine Lodge and then in the rest of the state. She began using her trusty hatchet to try and destroy all of the saloons she could find.

The Fox Theatre in Hutchinson opened on June 8 1931. It is a wonderful example of Art Deco. The four story theatre has arches, floral and vegetable motifs, geometric designs and pillars dividing the building into four bays. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as the state register.

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Beirut, Lebanon

One of my dream cities: Beirut, Lebanon (Photo by Aurimas S) #Travel #Beirut #Lebanon