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yoga pants from t-shirt, I have old tee shirts. Cut off the sleeves and cut the shirt in half vertically (from neck to belly). The armpit indent will become the crotch/inseam area. The straight cut through the middle becomes the outside seam on the pants.

Recycled Yoga Pants - Something tells me Megan Ward McAuliffe would like these (a creative use of old band t-shirts!)

Yoga pants from tee shirts. I want a pair in my size! I have a purchased pair made from multiple shirts with words. Unique and fun

Yoga pants out of men's t-shirt

pants tutorial-Tshirt surgery. This is another great way to recon a tshirt for another use, or get those HUGE tshirts on clearance for a dollar or so and make them into these yoga style pants.

diy yoga pants...she swears they are easier to make than you would think. I'd love to make my own leggings by tweaking this tutorial... #SweetVerbena

Use these as reusable grocery bags! Cute, easily folded and stuck in your own purse, and totally washable! I'm in love :)

DIY baby yoga pants. So freakin cute!!! Yes!!! Okay I cant sew so Aunt Jess better get busy on these for my baby girls! (if we ever have kids:))