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    • Kyle Sewalson

      Orphaned super heroes just showin the love.

    • J S

      Okay first of all, Harry Potter and Batman are my two favorite things in the world. Secondly, this is so sad.

    • Trevor Brown

      I Know That Feel, Bro by Chris Gerringer Chris Gerringer knows that feel. And it turns out, several different characters from across the geek globe know that feel too, linking them in ways that brings them all closer together. Whether it’s mourning dead parents with Batman and Harry Potter, tight living spaces with Pikachu and Aladdin’s Genie, or the demoted scientific status of the Triceratops and Pluto.

    • Brandon Wilhelmsen

      Orphan superheroes

    • Abigail Naval

      I Know That Feel, Bro. The series of illustrations, which echo the artist's great sense of humor, follow the basic template of placing two subjects, often fictional pop culture characters, side-by-side, bumping fists, who have something in common to commiserate about.

    • Duelos Net

      28 Pop Culture Bros Connecting with Other Bros - Created by an artist known only as Paper Beats Scissors, this collection of 50 illustrations depicts the single moment when two different characters from pop culture meet and give each other an empathetic fist bump due to a similarly depressing trait that they both share. For instance, when the Dark Knight and Harry Potter meet for the first time, they fist bump the fact that they are both orphans.

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    Disney Scenes by Thomas Kincade.




    He is the world’s greatest detective… ^^ truer words have never been said :D

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