in a NYC apartment via @Contemporist .com

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Não é de se estranhar que os jardins verticais tenham conquistado tantos adeptos. Já que as cidades ficam cada vez mais cinzas e a maioria das casas e apês não tem quintais ou varandas, a melhor so…

Sexta Inspirada! Jardim Vertical

I'm not crazy about the pansy's but the idea of combining dense species with one another can yield an awesome effect wall garden wall

Fig Tree Pocket House | ArchitectureAU

Great indoor/outdoor feel in this Brisbane Fig Tree Pocket House (Shane Plazibat Architects)

Verde verticale fai da te

Material Innovation at Maison et Objet 2013 - printed architecture, wall gardens and electroluminescent lighting technology at this year's fair

green wall...I want one!!! -- I wonder what the bug life would be like inside your home.

-- I wonder what the bug life would be like inside your home. mur vegetal a l'intérieur de la maison!

wooly pockets

Weekend Project: Vertical Hanging Garden

Woolly pocket wall garden Try a modern take on traditional hanging baskets with a wall of these Woolly Pockets. Since they're lined with moisture barriers, you don't have to worry about any leaking.

cool restaurant with a vegetation wall and skylight.

Inspiration for Pool House Shower Tori Tori Restaurant Vertical Garden, Polanco, Mexico City by Rojkind Arquitectos + ESRAWE Studio

growing a green wall | gardenopolis

growing a green wall

5 Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas with Moss Wall Art

Now here is an idea for the wall you face from the entryway! Do a skylight in the hallway and then a living wall to accommodate many of your plants! There are systems to automate irrigation and allow for easy removal / swap-out of plants as it grows!

One purpose of soil is to support roots, Lima says―if you create another way to hold them up, you could even plant shrubs. Along a 40-foot wall, she built a 7-foot frame fronted by marine plywood and corrugated plastic ( She stapled on two layers of synthetic Tuf-Felt (, cutting slits in the outer layer, then slipped in and stapled down 400 plants.

How to Plant a Lush Living Wall

How to Plant a Living Wall - Sunset See how to create your own vertical garden inspired by a living wall in Paris designed by Patrick Blanc. This planting includes ferns, bromelaids, coral bells, spider plants, and elephant ears.

Photo Gallery: Longwood Gardens Green Wall

Longwood Gardens Green Wall / Brandywine Valley of southeast Pennsylvania

I have a double backyard and due to unfortunate roof and garage placement, theres a patch (about this size) that wont grow a decent bed of grass and is thus a bed of dirt...something like this might be a good way to purty it up a little!

A townhouse garden designed by New York firm, Foras Studio. This low maintenance space has 6 identical garden beds, each planted with a different plant. Clever concept for small spaces.

in a NYC apartment via @Contemporist .com

As a focal point for the dining “pod” of their client’s newly renovated duplex apartment, PullTab Design designed a custom planted vertical garden wall. I like how the green wall wraps around the side of the stairway. The plants offer … Read More.