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    Damn Australia! You scary!


    20 Jokes Only A Physics Nerd Will Appreciate - BuzzFeed Mobile

    Fun #Einstein and #Newton shirt that mixes art, science, education, pop culture, and games. Our #Education system should reflect similar #Gamification.

    Okay, I at first thought that this was stupid because, seriously, why would you lie to children about a fat guy breaking into your house via chimney and giving you stuff about which you won't even write a simple thank you note? But then I read the REST of the pictures. And this guy is a genius.

    Marriage proposal in the form of a physics paper

    Whaaat?? Physics formulas explained in layman's terms? This one post literally explained these better than the 2 semesters of physics I took

    i frequently have this disease too


    MATH TEACHERS!! PHYSICS TEACHERS!! Is Cow Tipping Real? Physics says you’d have more luck tipping a Camry.

    Proud to be with an engineer lol

    This game. I would play it.

    Guess Who?

    Laughed harder at this than I should have.

    Science Valentines mini cards math nerd humor science computers funny computer tech technology geeky geek code programming

    Haha!! That's so awesome.

    Big Bang Theory

    boys...take notes

    Who the heck cares except for those pathetic little "90s kids" who seem to be obsessed with poor technology and old things that are now, simply put, complete garbage. Except VHS...I like VHS tapes...

    Sochi adventures...