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  • Nicki Akins

    Truth: interracial marriage wasn't legal until 1967! Back then they said interracial marriage would ruin the sanctity of marriage & bring American morals down. Sound familiar?!

  • Anisha Kohli

    40 Years - so true

  • Jesse Little

    Again this is another powerful image. It refers to the protests against civil rights in the 1960's and the protests against gay marriage today. What this meme is saying is that the people of today are going to look stupid in 40 years because gay marriage will probably be legal by then, just as the borders of racism are crumbling today as we have already elected an African American president.

  • John Stevenson

    So...remember how embarrassed you were when you realized that your grandparents supported George Wallace? Now haters...imagine how your grandchildren will feel when they see your facebook posts about how gay marriage is "wrong" and all that shit. P.S.-George Wallace recanted later in life. Food for thought.

  • Maia Edwards-Borowicz

    just think about how we view racist ppl protesting civil rights for african americans. that's how you look protesting equal rights in love and marriage.

  • Amber S

    true story

  • Vanessa Andrade

    The discussion of gay marriage has shifted from it being consider deviant to being supported by people and state laws. This picture shows very creatively the connection between gay marriage and race mixing in the US. Both topics are based on human right and it's the governments' duty to protect these human rights base on equality and freedom. In regards to gay marriage, love is the only thing that should matter. And in the end, marriage is marriage no matter if you're gay or straight.

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