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  • Judith Patricia Robertson

    Sea-horse courtship: A Poem: Did you swim side-by-side holding tails, Before wheeling around in a frenzy of pre-dawn waltz—And do the milky white passages of the Hippocampus (For which you are richly named) Hold the blessings of Paschal eggs traded in unison? A poem written on the third day of Passover 2012 (Easter Sunday), following a walk on the beach upon which I came upon a tiny sea-horse covered in salt, & expired, thrown from the waves onto the sand.

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Lightning Over Bloor: "....I had always suspected The poet’s powerful leanings, but now I reckoned How few exchanges we had actually come to know Between pedagogy, providence, and rain...." (Excerpt from poem forthcoming in Academic Matters, Judith P. Robertson, May, 2012.)

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