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Executive function

Executive function- visual bookmark with information on executive function difficulties for people on the autistic spectrum and strategies to help. A very concise summary - ADD / ADHD

A look into the #autism brain and #tactics for communications.  ❤Want to work from home? Go here NOW : http://www.workfromhometoday.pw

Helping Asperger's kids in the classroom, behavior strategies they can learn. From Classroom Collective

These lessons, activities, and posters teach specific executive functioning skills, including: planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Each lesson includes a description of the skill, a pre-assessment, and activities to practice the skill.

Executive Functioning Lessons and Activities

10 games to improve executive functioning skills in kids and young adults!

Games to Improve Executive Functioning Skills

prevent the new normal, keep your teen from living in your basement until they're 30

Prevent the ‘New Normal’: How to Keep Your Teen from Living in Your Basement Forever [005]

These easy to make meters help children with Asperger’s to increase their awareness of voice volume, personal space and levels of formality. Free printable PDF and activities to go along with

These easy-to make meters help children increase their awareness of voice volume, personal space and levels of formality. Would be good for when visitors come to the classroom and for students to practise and develop their self-control.

Infographic: Language and Your Brain - explains aphasia that can occur from a stroke or other brain injury

Infographic: Language and Your Brain. The left hemisphere of the brain houses the centers that deal with language comprehension and speech production. There are many benefits related to learning a second language.

At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations to Help Kids With Slow Processing Speed

At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for Slow Processing Speed

When it comes to tracking time and managing your tasks, executive functions can help! Learn more by reading this infographic on executive functioning strategies for students.

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