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oh my holy awesomeness!

Yay....found the tutorial! Haunted Cave...

Scariest Garage Haunted House Ideas - Not for the little ones!

previous pinner says: A favorite of mine, the wall crawling demon, had some damage from the elements the past couple of years, so I decided to give it a face lift.Here is the original build on display;First remove the damaged parts & off with his head. Apply some patching to damaged areas. This was an opportunity to enhance some features as well.For reference, here's the original head. It was almost all paper mache, with very little clay;I remade the head, with a different look. (sorr

from Stan Winston....awesome!

holy crap: these are done with papier mache skulls. see this DIY.

Demon monolith tutorial

Garage of Evil

Halloween horse by Kerry Nelson

Absolutely amazing step by step DIY for this and lots more! Awesome site STOLLOWEEN DEMONIKUS GALLERY (

Fake wound DIY Easy tutorial - Horror Halloween Makeup - Claw marks, Werewolf, Demon, Animal Attack

Beetlejuice Halloween prop

love these hellhounds!

Winged Creature

Take your demonic look or costume to the next level... from scary to outright hellish. http://fxcontactlenses.org/demon-contact-lenses.html - Introducing demon contact lenses from some of the most hellish & feared demonic creatures of folklore, myth & movies. Look like Succubus, Pazuzu, Lilith, Incubus, Pinhead from Hellraiser and more. High quality demonic contacts with intricate colors and custom designs. Available in prescription & non-corrective versions. Follow link above to learn more.

Halloween winged creature

Hearse prop - there is tutorial here it's not as complicated or expensive as it looks - you can also use it to store your decor during off season - might be a nice addition for a more mature ahunt

Hunchback skeleton prop

Rising Demon Photo Op Wood Plans

Halloween prop - Monster Mud Reaper

clay sculpture demon dangle