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'I can't wait to show my tan from the beach to everyone!' Said no Ginger Ever. Bahahahaha to all the gingers in my life!

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celebrating the positive sides of being a Redhead - so we've created a few with our favourite redhead quotes in pictures

Ha ha ha!

Oh, Disney. Make a stranger fall in love with me in 3 days or sell my soul to a sea witch? Challenge accepted The joke is on Ursula Ariel is a Ginger

Now the song will be stuck in my head all night!

Funny Confession Ecard: Willow Smith is 11 years old. shaved her head, pierced her tongue and sings about partying. I think it's time she moves with her Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air.

more proof that i was ment to be a ginger... lol just sayin

redhead quotes For my friends that are red heads! Does this include redheads from a bottle?

Dori Just Keep Swimming Cheer bow white with glitter details

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Charlie Brown and his love for the little red haired girl! :)

Charlie Brown "I dreamed about that little red haired girl again last night." Would so love to have red hair!

Grammar humor. :) grammar

I never understood grammar rules.there are rules, then exception to the rules. My question is, then why make rules?