A shot from a the film "Megalomania", by Jonathan Gales

Faveliza o By RDamienJordan

Con/struct is the latest body of work from Cape Town-based artist, designer, and photographer Justin Plunkett who uses his own original photography to digitally construct fictional landscapes and structures.


BAY BRIDGE 2050 - San Francisco, CA by Aaron Berman Architecture (Laurie Hawkinson / Christian Uhl Studio) - Columbia University | Fall, 2011 :: Bay Bridge 2050 was designed as a means of speculation on the future of high speed transit, development, and emerging technologies in California 2050.

Tabletmonkey Presents: WILDSTAR UP IN THIS MUTHA!

by Ivan Laliashvili

Seed - Environment 7 by Justinoaksford on deviantART via PinCG.com

Future city

Future High Rise City. www.AmericaUSARealEstate.com

Kuldar Leement ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン •

cities of the future

Future City

sketches by yangqi917 - Yang Qi - CGHUB

'Return to Base' by Park Jong Won

Concept art by feng zhu

Futuristic Architecture, Untitled by Marco Spitoni

Concept Art Pèlerinage - Rakugaki

AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2011 - Inter 5 - Graham Stephen Ives Baldwin