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Fun Shot Recipes

Have a SHOT on me! (12 photos)

Bachelorette party game: quiz the bride with questions about the groom. For each answer wrong, she takes a shot. For each answer right, she hands one out. This could be great for the bride AND groom at joint bachelor-bachelorette party!

Shot glasses made of ice?  Oh if only I was still in my twenties!

DIY Shot Glasses Made of Ice

Making a shot glass out of ice is a cinch. I actually used two flavors of a Kool-aid-like beverage to make these glasses; blue raspberry and blueberry pomegranate. Not only do they make the ice shot glasses a lovely shade of blue, they taste good too.

Cupcake jello shots

Birthday cake jell-o shots: cup cream soda cup cranberry juice cocktail 1 tbsp heavy cream 2 envelopes plain gelatin cup cake-flavored vodka Few drops food coloring, if desired Whipped cream - fresh or store-bought Sprinkles for garnish

Malibu and Pineapple Rum Punch...what what!! my highschool girls know ALLLLL about this drink ;)

Malibu and Pineapple Rum Punch. CAN U SAY YUMMY! even though the recipe attached is for white sangria, I can seee making this with malibu pineapple rum and white grape juice.

Maybe we could do drinks like these? They would be adorable before the flight or before leaving the hotel maybe

29 Disney-Themed Cocktails You Need To Try ASAP

Can someone throw me a disney themed :) This is so neat! The perfect excuse for adults to throw themselves Disney-themed parties: Disney cocktails!

Upside Down Cake Jello Shots Recipe

Upside Down Pineapple Cake Jello Shots 1 cup canned pineapple juice 1 tablespoon sugar (optional) packets Knox unflavored gelatin 1 cup cake flavored vodka (or whipped vodka or vanilla) Maraschino cherries Pineapple

The Morgan Mule is mixing up something fresh this summer–and trust us, it's berry good. For a twist on our classic Mule recipe, muddle 5 strawberries in a glass. Add 1. 5 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, 0.5 oz lime juice, and stir. Top with ginger beer, garnish with strawberry and mint, and get back to partying Like a Captain with the Summer Morgan Mule. Looking for this bottle? Check your local liquor store for our limited release custom labels.

Discover Captain Morgan Rum drink recipes and find out how to mix classic and delicious rum cocktail recipes such as the Cuba Libre, Mojito or Daiquiri.