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    • Tess Warwick

      All these women weigh 154 pounds. We all carry weight differently. Just be confident with the body your in!

    • Amanda Chien

      All these women weigh 154 pounds. We all carry weight differently. Keep it in perspective . Love this. Mind boggling.

    • Sierra Storey
      • 1 year ago

      Amber adams you are very clearly upset over nothing. What he said is true and not an opinion. Even if it was just his opinion, its incredibly sexist to say it doesnt matter because it is that of a man. And Pinterest is not a womens world. Its for everybody and if you have a problem get off. And mayne he doesnt have a picture because he is trying to be safe on the internet. If you will notice, i am noy

    • Sierra Storey
      • 1 year ago

      Not. A duck getting married. I just dont want pictures of me for anybody to see.

    • Amber Adams
      • 1 year ago

      Obviously, someone doesn't know what the true definition of opinion is versus fact. He does not know the linemen which he was referring to so he can't say they are unhealthy. That was his opinion. He does not know these women personally, so he can't say they need to lose some weight, or that they are unhealthy. He isn't their doctor, nor a doctor period. So, who is he to say that these women need to do this, and are that? And I'm surprised that you even supported his demeaning statement, "Think they are beautiful all you want doesn't change the fact that some of them are obese." Women are judged harshly enough and subject to a low self-esteem because of people's "opinions". Let's share a fact. According to the BMI, I am over-weight. However, my blood work shows proof that I am healthy because my blood work shows proof that my cholesterol, triglycerides, and sugar levels are perfect (this is a fact). It's my low thyroid levels that have caused my weight gain. Just because a woman isn't slender, does not mean that she isn't healthy. And if you aren't a doctor, then you have no right to say other wise. Unhealthy people live 100 years, and healthy people die at 20 all the time. Oh, and if I were upset, you would know it. I'm simply making my point. I don't care if I sound sexist. So be it. Better yet, good. I'm glad. And since you say Pinterest is for everyone, then how can you justify telling me to "get off"? How contradicting of you.

    • Sierra Storey
      • 1 year ago

      It shows youre obese? Well you do look a little chunky. I can tell you to get off the same way you can tell people that their opinions dont matter. You are exactly the kind of person i am currently working to get rid of for good. Best of luck.

    • Amber Adams
      • 1 year ago

      Yep! The BMI shows I'm over-weight. And yes, I'm beautifully thick! And I love every inch of it! Sorry you were unsuccessful at hurting my feelings with that comment. And no, honey, you don't own Pinterest, so you have no authority to tell anyone to get off. And I'm sorry that you are trying to get rid if someone in your life that is willing to fight or something they feel strongly about and try to support others for as well. Sounds like you are the one needing the luck.

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