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This book talks about wants vs. needs. However, the page offers a lot of other books and lesson ideas.

Barnes and Noble has an online storytime. Stories read by authors and celebrities which can be played right on the computer and are FREE .

"At any given time, a teacher can expect to have at least one student with ADHD. The impulsive and hyperactive behavior of such students can be distracting to everyone in the classroom. But there are strategies you can use to help students with ADHD channel their energy and focus their attention so that they can achieve their full potential-and you can conduct lessons with fewer interruptions."

Play Dr Momfrom Play Dr Mom

Make Your Own Worry Dolls

I use these for my anxiety kids all the time!

Teaching Main Idea: Students traced their hand on a piece of construction paper. I had them choose a page in the reading story for the week and write the main idea on the palm. Then details went on each finger. Again, I emphasized that we need all of our fingers so they needed to find that many details or the hand wouldn't work.