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    The family is equipped with diverse OpenType features.

    Mirador, a neoclassical type family designer by Rene Bieder in 10 weights plus matching italics.

    Some type samples of the Mirador typeface created by Rene Bieder.

    Available in 20 styles consisting of 10 weights plus 10 italic versions.

    Rene Bieder's Mirador font family is based on a neoclassical typeface in different weights for various usages.

    Faith and Glory – hand-painted fonts with diverse alternate characters and multi language support.

    The fonts are also equipped with catchwords and alternate letters.

    With these two fonts you can create beautiful titles in a hand drawn look.

    An example of use.

    Faith and Glory, a set of two lovely hand-painted brush fonts.

    The Nexa Rust Font System from Fontfabric

    You can use it for short titles, slogans, and quotes.

    The typeface supports multiple languages.

    Another example of use: a lovely designed typographic artwork.

    Nexa Script is the clean and sober version of Nexa Rust, a multifaceted font system.

    Example of use: a lovely illustrated coffee mug design.

    A new script typeface in 6 weights and different OpenType features.

    Example of use: fun window graphics and lettering.

    The Nexa Script font family from Fontfabric.

    Fonts and illustrations for coffee shops and lovely designed signage.

    With this variety of hand drawn typefaces and different styles you can create stylish titles.

    Hand drawn Blend fonts by type designer Sabrina Mariela Lopez of foundry Typesenses.

    The type family is equipped with a mix of hand drawn typefaces in different styles plus several typographic features and illustrative dingbats.

    The Blend font collection includes a variety of diverse handmade typefaces that work great for signage and coffee shops.

    The Inka font family, a typeface by Samuel Čarnoký of foundry Carnoky Type.