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Majestic Redwood Forest, California.

Candelabra Redwoods, "Enchanted Forest", on Shady Dell in California. Candelabra Redwoods, "Enchanted Forest", on Shady Dell in Californi

Frozen wave in Antarctica

Funny pictures about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Also, Frozen Wave in Antarctica.

sequoia trees   Sequoia National Park, Ca.

Giant Trees, Sequoia National Park, California, photo via adventures. This place is nice I've been here

The redwoods CA

Redwood Forest, California I've been there, me my mom and my dad entered a hollow tree and there was room inside of that tree for 10 more people. I measured how many steps it took to get around a tree an it took 32 steps. The place is just beautiful.

Forest of Compiègne

Compiègne Forest, Oise, Picardy, France momma never saw France but she loved watching deer!

Peacefully we wonder.

~~Redwoods Wonderland clover-filled forest trail, Redwoods National Park, California by Benjamin Yeager~~

look up

Looking upwards at giant California Sequoia trees (redwoods)

Dark Hedges - Ireland

The Dark Hedges, photography by Pawel Klarecki. Country lane in Northern Ireland - named locally as The Dark Hedges. These trees are 300 years old and form an arch like tunnel that run the length of the Bregagh road near Armoy in County Antrim.

Biggest tree on the planet.

The Majestic Redwood ~ Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, California. This amazing 83 photo composite of a 300 foot tall, 1500 year old redwood was shot by Nick Nichols for National Geographic. He used a 3 camera, robotic dolly on a gyroscope.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA- one of the most beautiful places I've seen, so I highly recommend a visit!