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  • Crystal McBride

    20 extra uses for the magic eraser. Had trouble finding article. You might want to use the search tab.

  • Patricia Scott

    20 magic ways to use magic erasers.

  • Christy Lovinski

    20 ideas for the magic eraser. I already love the magic eraser- but didn't know it could do all this. FYI, the dollar stores makes a brand of Magic Eraser that seems to work just the same for me - about half the cost.

  • Kris Thorpe

    THE LOVE OF MY LIFE - From Mr. Clean's "magic eraser" to the generic options, eraser cleaning blocks have made cleaning easier, less messy and dare we say...even fun! Sure, these foam blocks can get the gunk off walls (sometimes even upholstery if you're careful) and other household surfaces, but there are so many more uses for these little blocks of heaven. 20 unusual uses for an eraser block to make the most of your spring cleaning time: Cut up one eraser block into four little bl...

  • Sandra Thurston

    20 New Ways to Use Magic Erasers - DIY Life

  • Cassandra Spice Sanders

    I love my Mr. Clean eraser & today I found another use for it and had to share. Use it to remove the bugs, tar, sap, etc. when washing your car. You will be pleasantly surprise how easily they will come off.

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