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    Another great kingfisher photo. Maybe I should start a kingfisher board.

    3y Saved to Wild Creatures
    • Rebecca Emmons

      Amazing picture of a Kingfisher catching 3 fishes! My boys have some science books by "Dr. K. Fisher" who has a "Dear Abby" style advice column for wild animals. Shared by ツ Amazing Facts & Nature ツ on Facebook.

    • Ivana Hejdová

      25 Most Beautiful Bird Photography examples and Tips for Photographers | Read full article: | more | Follow us

    • Terry Jennings

      ianbrooks: These amazing pictures were taken at a small, pristine river in Land Hessen, central Germany. They show the bird returning to the water several times, until he had his fill. Kingfishers can capture 80 small fish, such as perch or sticklebacks, over the course of a day.

    • Amy Walrond

      The Common Kingfisher was recently nominated as Germanys Bird of the Year for 2009. So enjoy these amazing photographs taken of a Kingfisher fishing a small river in Land Hessen, Germany.

    • Lisa K

      Kingfisher common bird in the atlantic regions. Wow! That is amazing! Truly amazing- I'm at a loss for words at this moment

    • Kathryn Ruhl Allen

      Amazing. You never would have thought a hummingbird would dine on minnows unless the camera had caught it. And the bird itself is so tiny that the minnows must be microscopic!

    • John Milton

      Bird Photography in China Photography is warmth for many while a profession for many too. However, it is a great natural process as it permits you to explore new places and fresh characteristics. Photography itself has many facets, one of them being bird and wildlife photography. #BirdPhotography #BirdPhotographyinChina #birdinginchina

    • Veritas Crafts

      looks like a hummingbird but this is actually a kingfisher bird, scoring 3 fish at once!

    • otrgirl @Carin

      INCREDIBLE ANIMAL MOMENTS – 18 PHOTOS / kingfisher in "mid-catch" / dinner time / birds

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    Wow what an amazing photo.


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    No matter how many birds I see, rare and beautiful as they may be, I'll always love the chickadee! xo

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    Kingfisher hunting for food A perfect dive at 100km/h, wings neatly folded back along his body to enhance his aerodynamics, this blue bird is a rocket. Hessen (Germany), the kingfisher, "Alcedo atthis", homes in. The bird, which measures 16cm, cannot carry large fish, so he skewers three little ones. Photographer: Gisela Delpho / Picture Press