$34 DOPE SHIT - Ladies TankTop (PINK) by JbonClothingCo. If this wasnt almost 40 bucks Id get it to feel awesome while i work out:)

Super Cali LOL

Wish | Shut The Fucupcakes (White Pink Baseball T-Shirt)... Don't care for the shirt, but may have to make this into a sign. Hahahaha!

I need this shirt

oh my gosh haha

Slouchy Oversized Sweater - Hungover - Black

seriously need this shirt


Blame the cussin on my daddy. Good looks on my mama <3 i'm in love.

☼ pin: @lianaxmora ☼

Leave the haters in the dust as you walk your swag into the club.

Brandy Melville ✌

love the leopard shirt!

Grey Arm Lace Fall Shirt

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OMG likeeee check out this awesome Champagne Mami T-shirt from our new brand OMGWTF!! #champaginemami #whitegirl #OMGWTF #RageOn #tshirt #fashion

super cute outfits for winter for girls - Google Search -I really like this one/ comfy and casual. I would do without the ring though

I. Want. This. Shirt!

Guns N Roses shirt

Suck It up, Buttercup tank