chart from Reading and Writing project for reading characters in a series/book clubs

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Once Upon A Teacher: Stop, Jot and Think While You Read about characters

Character Trait Analysis for Guided Reading

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts

Character anchor chart

Prefix-Root/Base-Suffix classroom chart Common fourth grade affixes... cute!

Partner Talk Anchor Chart for Book Clubs and Partnerships

Character Timeline

Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strip Yellow ELT-Y On Book Page View

Opinion writing chart

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Here is a FREE Daily 5 Reading Journal for students that we use in our intermediate classroom. Students are responsible to fill this out on a daily...

I would use this when the students were having book talks over their realistic fictions books they chose.

Charts, charts, and more charts!

beg/mid/end Looks like a good chart to use next week for 2nd grade text structure.

Quick Write Responses - Anchor Chart to get students quickly thinking of the novel and its elements, setting, plots and characters

Digging Deeper: Writing about Reading!

NF books poster

FES blog - Growth Mindset anchor chart in my classroom (inspired by Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom). Based on things I've heard my kids say...

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