Life With Both Hands Full: Totally Organized Tuesday: Pantry Chalkboard Using contact chalkboard paper

Organize your glove compartment with pencil box + great tips. by cora

Her tips are amazing.things I never thought about having in the car. Pencil box to make car kit. Small accordion file for car repair rcts., and maps and a checklist what to do in a car accident.

love the idea of using inexpensive file boxes to hold pantry supplies by function (pizza kit, pasta kit, asian, etc.)

I can't believe I found these awesome pantry organization tips! My pantry closet is super organized and I couldn't be happier! You have to try these ideas in your pantry.

gonna make these but with random things like "to pack for Hogwarts" and "Death Star treats"

Love the order - need to do this in our kitchen. Kitchen Makeover / Renovation - Pantry Storage Organization and Labeling - DIY Shelves

Divide panty into zones - canned goods, boxed goods, paper products, foils/waxpaper/baggies, etc.

Top 10 Tips for Pantry Organization and Storage

A whole article about how to zone your pantry, including pictures. Love the bread basket idea

Use a tension rod to create a second shelf in your kitchen cabinet for spices.

Use a Tension Rod To Create a Second Shelf in Your Kitchen Cabinet for Spices

Install a small spring tension rod shelf to add more space to cabinet for spices. The tension rod is strong enough to hold the smaller spice bottles and they no longer get lost among the larger bottles.

From Overwhelmed to Organized: Organizing My Home- Idea for Kids School stuff. Storage for back pack, Calendar to track events and file away important papers/projects from the school year. and a place for reminders

So nice, I pinned it twice! kitchen command center From Overwhelmed to Organized: Command Centre: Schoolwork File Bins & Series Wrap-up

IHeart Organizing: FINALLY! How to Paint Cabinets & Trim!

170 FINALLY! How to Paint Cabinets & Trim!