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Painted frame and twigs for jewelry storage. As Shelby pointed out, so much better than the plastic push pins I used all of last year.

Old frames as necklace as organizers. In article good idea for knobs too.

Hooked on Storage - Run out of storage space in your jewelry box? Use hooks mounted on the side of a dresser or wall. Hang the hooks sideways (so the hook is parallel to the floor) so you can hang more jewelry from your new storage solution. Discover more kids room decorating and organizing tips and ideas @ kidsroomdecoratin...

I need to find a way to get this all in order. Plus, if it were viewable, I might actually see it and wear it. What's the point of having jewelry if you don't wear it??

jewelry organization We don't have much room in this rental. I saw this and it is perfect for all our necklaces. I bought some shower hooks and use a towel bar in the bathroom downstairs. Which is where all the last min touch ups happen as the only shower is upstairs and usually being used. :)

I need to do this. I'm always finding things I need to return to people, donate and so on. It would be great to always have a place to put it until I have a chance to get rid of it....the dining room table just isn't cutting it anymore

Creative : Eleven Homey DIYs Do you love this necklace display idea?! | Desire to Inspire

My most fav way to organize spices!!! Love these clips!!!