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Amish Friendship Bread ~ got a bag from a friend when I was young, add more ingredients and you get 4 more starters to share with friends...a fun tradition that keeps on giving! Delicious, fun, great memories!

Chocolate Amish Friendship Bread by lifessimplemeasures #Bread #Amish #Chocolate

Amish Friendship Bread - starter recipe and everything you need to know plus starter recipe and options...

Amish Cinnamon Bread (with starter!!). When we lived in Las Vegas one of Gene's troops gave us a bag of starter. I was sad when I couldn't take it across country with me when we moved to Georgia. Now I can start making this again. Love, love it.

Amish Friendship Bread (including how to make the starter if you are not given one)

Click here to find the Amish Friendship Bread Starter Recipe and 10 day steps! We also have it in Sugar-Free, Yeast-Free and Gluten-Free.

Amish Friendship Bread with a recipe for the starter! This makes the best "quick" bread ever!

Amish Friendship Bread Recipe with a recipe for how to make the starter! This makes the most wonderful bread!

Amish Friendship Bread with starter recipe! Come bake some bread and share with your friends this delicious cinnamon bread recipe!