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~~Legal Battles on Voting May Prove a Critical Issue in Election - NYTimes.com

Stay informed!!! VOTE OBAMA OUT NOV 6!

Wellstone's Revenge: How Minnesota Democrats Took Their State Back - Minnesota's once-woebegone progressives have quietly crafted a road map f...

OBAMA has lined the pockets of the UNIONS, his SUPPORTERS and CRONY CORPORATIONS. He has done NOTHING for WE THE PEOPLE, except RUIN our Economy and way of life.

LOL! Yes, I think that would take care of it!!!!!

Together We Stand, United We Soar

See the influential people who are behind Mitt Romney for President.

Another of the three 3 WWII posters, but so true again today!

Presidential Lies About Murders In Benghazi

Get money out of politics!

The differences between...

Israel ceased............hamas fired

Time for term limits

Liberal politics. Is there anything better than being a liberal?

TEN REASONS - Perhaps Liberals could fill this out, We sure can't!

An American Son

What Has US Militarism Wrought? A half century ago, President Eisenhower warned the American people about the “unwarranted influence” of a Military-Industrial Complex, but that influence still managed to pervade U.S. politics and policies.

Which one is actually offensive?

OOOOOOO busted...This sums it up!!!