Limoncello Tiramisu. nice alternative to chocolate

Limoncello Tiramisu

Triple-Layer Lemon Pie – This perfect no-bake recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare! A great dessert option for your next outdoor party.

Sticky Lemon Cake

Limoncello cupcakes

Lemon Lush... layers of lemon pudding, sweetened cream cheese & whipped cream on a flaky pastry crust...

Heaven. Lemon Curd Stuffed Cupcakes - a perfect vanilla cupcake stuffed with tangy lemon curd and topped with a slightly tart lemon buttercream

Limoncello tiramisu...I would try this!

Creamy Lemon Oat Bars

Heaven and Hell cake.. (Angel food and Devils food with Peanut Butter Mousse & Ganache) YUM~

Fried Lemon Pies-just like you remember from childhood!

Triple Lemon Cake - The lemon curd is so sweet and perfectly tangy, the buttercream is so light and sweet, yet still with just enough tang and the cake is nicely dense and delicious. #cake, #lemoncake.

Brioches torsadées au lait concentré sucré - Pan de leche condensada

Lemon Magic Cake Cupcakes - custard 1 batter 3-layer cake turned into cupcakes; nice lemon aroma; not too sweet.

Easy Tiramisu A fabulous recipe, great tasting and sure to please! #Italian #dessert #Tiramisu

Mille-Crêpe Tiramisu Birthday Cake from Francisco Migoya.

Lemon Truffles

Triple Lemon Cake--Lemon cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream frosting.