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Chatelaine Date: fourth quarter 19th century Culture: French (probably) Medium: metal, enamel, paper

Bag (Miser's Purse) Date: third quarter 19th century Culture: American Medium: silk, metal

19th Century Coat of wool and metallic thread.*=A.D.+1800-1900=Europe=Coats=77#

“American Flag” costume - Printed cotton, metal buttons - Circa 1889, USA. Costumes were commonly worn to parades and pageants during the 19th century and were intended to promote national identity and patriotism. The flags on this costume contain 39 stars, most likely in anticipation of the Dakota Territory attaining statehood, but the territory was split into two states. Thus, this fabric lost its original purpose—yet remains a unique, stylized design.

#Dressing Gown, Early 19thc, British, Made of cotton dresses and skirt #2dayslook #new #tenderfashion

Art Nouveau leather, gold and gem-set ladies evening purse Lacloche Frs. c1905 Frs. Lacloche The detailed leather bag designed as an Owl with textured detailing back and front and set with banded agate-eyes within a ruby surround and diamond-set beak and claws mounted on an 18ct yellow gold frame with pine cone and needle decoration