Some cool science experiments...

Use toilet paper and planet cut outs to really get a sense of each planet's distance from the sun.

Toilet Paper Solar System Activity- did this in student teaching, it was AWESOME!!

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Race to the Sun review game.

I now want to teach constellations! This looks like such a great way for students to visualize them.

Solar System Art - Found on

very quick and simple craft about planets when time is of the essence but still want something visual and kinesthetic for chilren.

The Solar System Repin & Like. Hear #NoelitoFlow #Noel Music

Learning About Landforms: Lots of ideas for teaching and writing about landforms.

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bottle ecosystem... look like some great windowsill project.

Science Fair Projects

Tabletop biosphere project.

Experience real science with a hands-on project you can do at home! It may be a little early to begin thinking about science projects, but it never hurts to brainstorm a few ideas. With the kids back in school before you know it, it will be time to learn about the solar system. Here is a project you can help your kids create. It is educational and fun at the same time.

Paper mache globe project With printable Continent Outlines Template that you can color yourself.

Solar System Cupcakes

astronomy lesson plan ideas complete with book ideas

Solar System Lollipops: Available in guava, marshmallow, strawberry, blackberry, cherry and cotton candy. #Candy #Lollipops #Solar_System

Creative Ways to Learn About Constellations | Space Theme for Kids - Racheous Lovable Learning