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DIY Arm Warmers by runwaydiy: Make them from a pair of knee-length socks. #Arm_Warmers #DIY #runwaydiy

DIY Socks into Arm Warmers - The best part (if all your socks have holes in them) is cutting off the toe!

ArM WaRmErS - Recycled - earth toned stripeys

Arm knitting . . . this looks like it would make an amazingly comfy blanket. I know what everyone is getting for xmas this year!

#DIY Felting - this is actually really easy to do... I may have to make these heart elbow patched for a blazer for my baby girl... so cute :)

Arm Knitting Scarf. This takes so little time that if you had the yarn on hand you could make a scarf before you had to go somewhere!

I've had the thought to make this ultra simple tunic from the Square Dance fabric for a while, and decided at the last minute last night to give it a quick whirl. It is truly nothing but rectangles and 1/4" elastic

How to Make a Whole New Wardrobe by Recycling Your Clothes

craftychloe - Make Stuff - What to do with those bachelor socks....