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    #ClassWarKitteh: That #GeneralStrike was *EXHAUSTING*!

    Organizing kitteh

    #ClassWarKitteh for nurse week


    This kitten seems confused by what Romney said #ClassWarKitteh

    #ClassWarKitteh is giving up!?

    #ClassWarKitteh not giving concessions! Sit in to fight back! #1u

    This #ClassWarKitteh is puurrfeect

    Solidarity: Man and Kitteh

    Well, I'll be filing that under 'Couldn't give less of a fuck'.

    soo me

    This describes this week perfectly sayings-worth-heeding check out our other images here

    The black cat is still in the white house. That's all that matters to the right. WE need to fight austerity while they work that one out.

    Anti-Facism kittehs!

    is your job KILLING you ?

    First of hopefully many Jamie Dimon Kittehs

    The postal service works really well and is extremely affordable.. therefore it must be destroyed

    #Mittens2012 only wants cat nip for the more sophisticated kitteh

    300 dogs worked rescue after #911 today we remember you #ClassWarKitteh (puppeh division)