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    Autocorrect Fail Compilation,

    I would DIE!

    I laughed way Way WAy WAY too hard at this lol!

    Love her! Freakin hilarious

    Best thing ever. I CANT STOP LAUGHING!

    Funniest AutoCorrects Of 2012. lol'd the entire time.

    Hahahahaha xD

    I laughed so hard!

    oh my gosh. so hilarious


    So Chuck Norris is Voldemort? O_O

    I thought I liked hers...until I read his. haha. sorry to take up so much space, but this is hilarious.

    I'm laughing too hard!!!!

    OMG...too close to home...i'm dying here...laughing so hard i'm crying...

    I laughed so hard. Kids say the darnest things

    Hilarious texting responses to adds or flyers Serious hurts to read from laughing so hard

    Laughed so hard at these i cried

    I just LOL'd over and over again!!!